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New DZ HYP report “The German Real Estate Market 2020/2021”

Approximately one year after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the German real estate market – and especially the residential asset class – continues to perform solidly overall. The commercial housing market is still experiencing surplus demand and moderate rent increases, whilst space take-up on the office property market declined during the year. However, due to low vacancy rates and modest new construction activity in the past, increasing investor reticence for office space has not had an impact on the rental development so far. Numerous retailers were forced to close their shops in 2020, which resulted in a broad-based decline in prime rents and rising vacancies in inner cities. These are the results of the latest research report published by DZ HYP, covering developments on the commercial real estate markets of Germany’s top locations: Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich.
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Manfred Salber, member of DZ HYP’s Management Board, announces his retirement

After nearly 14 successful years, Manfred Salber is stepping down from the Management Board of DZ HYP as at 31 December 2020. As of 1 January 2021, his successor Sabine Barthauer will assume responsibility for the Back Office units, as well as for the Restructuring & Recovery and Risk Controlling divisions.
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New study published by DZ HYP: Real Estate Market Under "Corona Scrutiny"

So far, the German real estate market has weathered the stress test imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has been raging for about six months, rather well. Although the retail and hotel sectors have been particularly hard hit by the lockdown, rents and purchase prices have largely maintained their high levels. Residential real estate provided the strongest performance, with demand remaining stable throughout the course of the year to date. These are the key findings of “Real Estate Market Under ‘Corona Scrutiny’”, a current research study conducted by DZ HYP.
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Supervisory Board appoints Sabine Barthauer as a member of the Management Board

At its most recent meeting, the Supervisory Board of DZ HYP appointed Ms Sabine Barthauer as successor to Manfred Salber, who will be leaving DZ HYP’s Management Board on 31 December 2020. Accordingly, Ms Barthauer will assume responsibility for all back-office units, as well as for Restructuring & Recovery and Risk Controlling.
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Supervisory Board appoints Jörg Hermes as a member of the Management Board

The Supervisory Board of DZ HYP today appointed Mr Jörg Hermes (50) as a member of the Management Board, with effect from 1 April 2020. Dr Georg Reutter (Chief Executive Officer) and Manfred Salber will remain as Management Board members alongside Mr Hermes. Going forward, Mr Hermes will be responsible for Finance, the Compliance Office, IT and Organisation & Operations, Internal Audit, and Human Resources.

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