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Sustainability at DZ HYP.

Sustainability strategy

Cooperative. Social. Ecological.

Our sustainability strategy sets out our understanding of sustainability, fields of action, which we have underpinned with corresponding targets. Sustainability is a multi-layered issue that has moved and evolved continuously in recent years. We monitor changing political and social conditions, dynamic market developments and technological innovations, evaluate them and ultimately incorporate them into our business activities. In this way, we can better manage current and future challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. In line with this learning and development process, we regularly review our sustainability strategy and adjust it as necessary. This will enable us to better meet current and future challenges and seize new opportunities.


Our sustainability strategy serves as a guide for identifying areas of action and suit­able measures for sustainability management. It comprises governing principles and makes clear what our responsibility is – and what we mean when we talk about sustainable development. The key topics identified are as follows: 

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The Sustainability Reports 2012 - 2017 are available upon request. Please send an e-mail to