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Key financial indicators

€ mn
Development of new business01.01. to 31.12.202101.01. to 31.12.2020
Corporate clients8,7368,039
Retail customers2,7302,066
Public sector clients582631
Condensed income statement01.01. to 31.12.202101.01. to 31.12.2020
Net interest income668,7605,4
Net fee and commission income-38,3-38,1
Administrative expenses251,3251,2
Risk provisioning-35,0-54,5
Net financial result-5,0-6,5
Operating profit339,4276,8
Portfolio development31.12.202131.12.2020
Total assets81,63181,920
Mortgage loans55,49453,338
Number of employees31.12.202131.12.2020
annual average831819