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Axel Jordan

Axel Jordan

Head of Commercial Real Estate Investors Corporates & Cooperative Banks
Steffen Günther

Steffen Günther

Head of Commercial Real Estate Investors Institutional & International Clients
Jürg Schönherr

Jürg Schönherr

Head of Housing Sector

Corporate Clients

Commercial Real Estate Investors & Housing Sector

Commercial Real Estate Investors: Experienced specialists, backed by sound funding

We benefit from many years of experience in commercial real estate finance. We support your real estate investments competent and trustworthy through classical long-term loans as well as complex, customised financing solutions. As a Pfandbrief issuer, and a member of DZ BANK Group, we also have a sound funding base.

What we offer:

  • Tailor-made financing solutions for commercial and residential real estate developers and investors
  • Joint regional market coverage with cooperative banks, across the entire volume spectrum via the IMMO META product family 
  • Core segments: offices, residential and retail properties
  • Specialist segments: hotels, logistics properties, real estate for social purposes
  • Third-party usability of the property is a prerequisite
  • Short-term construction phase loans
  • Long-term financings of existing properties
  • Interest rate hedges using derivatives (in cooperation with DZ BANK)
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Housing Sector: Your reliable partner

DZ HYP is a major finance provider to the German housing sector, and a leading institution within the Cooperative Financial Network. 

We are your reliable partner for new construction as well as for modernisation and renovation projects. Our focus is on customised financing solutions for residential or mixed-use properties, with fixed interest rates for up to 30 years.

Our clients provide affordable housing for a broad section of the population. These include cooperative, regional, church and other housing companies throughout Germany. They are serviced by dedicated regional contacts, who are committed to supporting their clients in common sector networks.

With our skills, commitment and responsibility, we contribute to sustainable client relationships, with our offers and services ensuring a high level of satisfaction amongst our business partners.

What we offer:

  • Customised financing solutions tailored to the target client group, with a focus on residential real estate
  • Joint market coverage with the German cooperative banks
  • Participation of cooperative banks in housing sector financings 
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