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Sustainability at DZ HYP.

Responsible Corporate Governance

With the help of our corporate governance, we create a regulatory framework that covers all legal aspects and operational principles.Our practical understanding of integrity and ethical business is clearly stated in our Code of Conduct which applies throughout the DZ BANK Group and is binding for all employees. It combines our internal principles with external market standards and reaffirms our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability and responsible corporate governance benefit us all: the climate, the company, our customers and partners, and each and every one of us.

Stefan Heckerodt, Sustainability Officer at DZ HYP

Requirements for sustainable, economic management:

  • Compliance with all applicable legal requirements and provisions, regulations, voluntary commitment as well as internal guidelines.
  • Responsi­ble management of risks (risk management)
  • Protection of the Bank’s reputation, and the implementation of transparent business processes.
  • The standards set out in DZ HYP's current credit risk strategy and internal review processes with regard to money laundering apply to lending. DZ BANK Group has also defined rejection criteria for lending that apply throughout the Group.
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Risk Management


As a member of the German Cooperative Financial Network, DZ HYP believes it has a duty to do business responsibly and sustainably. We apply a conservative risk strategy, forge long­term business relationships and treat clients with honesty, trust, and a sense of partnership.

DZ HYP’s Management Board has defined a risk appetite statement which is in line with Group guidelines. For us, the term “risk appetite” denotes the type and scope of risks that we are willing to take – within the limits of its risk capacity – in order to implement its business model and achieve its business targets. Based on risk policy guidelines and our business strategy, we have put a risk strategy frame­work document and risk strategies for material risks in place.




Due to the high importance of sustainability, the overarching responsibility lies with DZ HYP's Management Board. With the help of the Sustainability Committee, which is composed of the Management Board and the divisional managers, the optimum framework for the bank's sustainable orientation is created. The evaluation and selection process for suitable assets is carried out by the Sustainable Products Committee. The Coordination Committee is responsible for the operational design and management of the issues.

Sustainability plays a central role in both the governance and business strategy of our bank and influences many other strategies. The sustainability strategy does not contradict the other strategies, but has an impact on them. The interactions with the other strategies are coordinated with the respective departments and incorporated as required.


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What we do

For us, sustainability is a cross-sectional task and is perceived across all management levels and corporate divisions. We have implemented the following committees to ensure a continuous exchange and better control of measures: Sustainability Coordination Committee, Sustainable Products Committee, Sustainability Committee.

When they join the Bank, all employees receive training on legal provisions, inter­nal arrangements as well as the methods applied in money laundering, terrorist financing and criminal activities. They must take refresher courses every two years, or when their duties change. A system for reporting suspicious activities is in place.