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We stand up for your success.

Our specialists will prepare an individual municial loan offer for you. This applies to local authorities and communities, towns and administrative districts as well as to their legally dependent operations, municipal special public-law administrative unions and public-sector institutions.

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Municipal loans

We provide towns, municipalities, administrative districts – and their legally dependent operations – with traditional municipal loans. Our terms and conditions are based on the current capital markets situation. You will not have to wait long for our individual offer.

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Safe into the future with forward loans

Make sure you secure the interest rate level today – for future financings and renewals. Our forward-starting loans provide you with security in the future. We will be happy to help you with decisions regarding loan duration and interest rate composition.

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Short-term public-sector loans

Short-term public-sector loans (liquidity facilities) are borrowings by a local authority, for the purpose of securing short-term liquidity needs. Short-term liquidity needs require fast action. We will process your loan request flexible, with strong service, on attractive loan terms. The terms and conditions are based on the current money markets situation. Therefore, when requesting an offer, please contact us as near as possible to the point in time of your decision. We provide our customers with short-term public-sector loans with fixed rates.

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We are your competent partner for public-sector clients within the Cooperative Financial Network. The core of our business is the granting of short-term public-sector loans and local authority loans. We will find the right solution to your needs.

Markus Krampe, Head of Retail Customers & Relationsship Manager Cooperative Banks, Public Sector