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DZ HYP. Because we can.

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Loan terms

Favourable loan terms for large-scale projects. DZ HYP is able to refinance itself  cost-effectively by means of its AAA rated Pfandbriefe. Our swift decision-making and lean organisational structures save costs. And we pass these advantages on to you. You will benefit from favourable loan terms. We regularly offer you greatdeals, and always provide excellent value for money.

We provide you with:

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Great loan terms

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Complimentary services

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Rapid processing

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Prompt loan decision

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Maximum security

We guarantee that all DZ HYP housing loans provided in accordance with the terms agreed upon will not be sold, nor will they be assigned to third parties. Your local cooperative bank will gladly advise you. You can locate your local contact person in the branch finder at

Our products

DZ HYP’s offering includes initial as well as follow-up financings for new construction, purchase and modernisation/refurbishment. Thanks to DZ HYP’s broad product range of home loans – with fixed-interest terms of up to 30 years – cooperative banks can offer to  you flexible and attractive solutions.

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