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As a leading real estate bank in Germany, DZ HYP offers comprehensive financing solutions for your real estate project – whether for commercial, housing, municipal or private investment.

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Julia Jordan

Julia Jordan

Head of Communications

About us

Welcome to DZ HYP!

DZ HYP is a leading real estate bank, and a major issuer of Pfandbriefe (German covered bonds) in Germany. We are a reliable and solution-oriented partner to our clients. Our fields of activity are the four business divisions of Commercial Real Estate Investors, Housing Sector, Public Sector and Retail Customers/Private Investors.

As a centre of competence and a comprehensive specialist for real estate finance and local-authority lending within the Cooperative Financial Network, we take responsibility for your success. Our product and service range covers the entire spectrum of real estate finance and local-authority lending.

We offer you comprehensive expertise, a sustainable partnership, and reliable and competent advice. Proximity is our most important asset: personal, professional and regional. We take interest in your motivations, in your special requirements, and how we can support you locally. This translates into our daily work – with high quality service, strong commitment, and with the spirit of a competent and trusting partner. Benefit from our vast experience and high expertise.


The merger of DG HYP and WL BANK into DZ HYP became legally effective (retroactive effect from 1 January 2018) with the Commercial Register entries on 27 July 2018. The WL BANK as the assigning company was merged into DG HYP as the acquiring company, which became the successor of all rights and duties of WL Bank, which ceased to exist. As a result of the merger, DG HYP was renamed DZ HYP AG ("DZ HYP").

Commercial Real Estate Investors

Clients (regardless of their legal form or status) who create, operate, or trade in real estate in a commercial capacity

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Housing Sector

Municipal, cooperative, church-owned or other housing enterprises, as well as members of the Federation of German Housing and Real Estate Enterprises (GdW) providing affordable housing for a substantial share of the population.

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Public Sector

German local authorities or their legally dependent operations, special public-law administrative unions,
Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs), and public-sector institutions.

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Retail Customers/Private Investors

Consumers (as defined by section 13 of the German Civil Code) and other customers (regardless of their legal form or status) who invest in real estate for their own use, or for investment.

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