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Sustainability at DZ HYP.

DZ HYP ESG-Ratings

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An updated rating from the sustainability rating agency ISS-ESG we received in December 2022 underscores the high standard of our activities in this area. As in the previous year, DZ HYP was once again awarded “Prime Status” in the “Mortgage & Public Sector Finance” peer group, receiving a “C” rating. This places us above the industry average in terms of our sustainability performance.


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In February 2023, DZ HYP received an ESG risk rating of 14.2 from Morningstar Sustainalytics and was assessed to be at low risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors.

The result must not be interpreted as investment advice or expert opinion within the meaning of applicable legislation.*




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On a scale from one to five, where one represents full alignment with ESG best practice, DZ HYP received the following rating:

  • “Entity” – assessment of corporate activities from an ESG perspective: 3
  • “Instrument” – contextual assessment: 2
  • “Frameworks” – review of sustainable financing frameworks: 2


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