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Green Bonds

A sustainable investment

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Accounting for around 40 per cent of Germany´s greenhouse gas emissions, the real estate sector plays an important role in achieving the Paris climate targets. As a leading real estate bank, and a major issuer of Pfandbriefe in Germany, we are taking responsibility for contributing to the transition towards a sustainable real estate industry. An investment in our Green Pfandbriefe offers the opprtunity to participate in this change.

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Green Pfandbrief

By issuing Green Pfandbriefe, we want to offer our investors the opportunity to invest specifically in the sustainable transformation of the real estate sector. In addition to the established high standards of the Pfandbrief Act, the issued Green Pfandbriefe also is in compliance with the vdp minimum standards for Green Pfandbriefe and is aligned with ICMA´s Green Bond Principles. Certified by the sustainability-rating agency ISS-ESG, DZ HYP’s Green Bond Framework ensures that the generated proceeds are used exclusively for sustainable projects.

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Green Bond Framework

The Green Bond Framework describes all the key features of our Green Pfandbriefe. Among other things, it defines the type of real estate for which the proceeds of the issue may be allocated. The main criteria in this regard is energy efficiency. The DZ HYP Green Bond Framework is based on the best practice approaches on the market and will be developed in this respect on a regular basis.

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Trust and transparency are of particular importance in sustainable investments. In order to gain this trust, we provide the highest level of transparency regarding the use of proceeds from the issue. We therefore report on the allocation of proceeds and the climate impact of our Green Pfandbriefe by means of regular allocation and impact reporting’s. To ensure that the methodology used meets the highest quality standards, we have mandated Drees & Sommer, a renowned consulting firm, to calculate the climate impact.

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