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DZ HYP is a strong, competent financing partner to the cooperative banks. We support you in the successful and sustainable market positioning of cooperative banks in the corporate, retail and public-sector customer segments.

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Markus Krampe

Markus Krampe

Head of Retail Customers & Relationsship Manager Cooperative Banks, Public Sector

Public Sector

DZ HYP is a centre of competence for public-sector clients within the Cooperative Financial Network. In this function, we support cooperative banks across Germany in developing their business with regions, towns and communities, administrative districts, together with their legally dependent operations, municipal special public-law administrative unions and public-sector institutions. We actively involve you in our financing strategies and in supporting the needs of public-sector clients. Our spectrum ranges from purely commission-based, intermediated business to joint local client development. In addition, we offer you a local authority ranking comprising numerous indicators and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of individual local authorities within the business area. This way we are able to jointly establish the Cooperative Financial Network in the local market.

The core of our business in this segment is the granting of short-term public-sector loans and local authority loans/promissory notes as well as bonds. Our portfolio also includes Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs). For specific projects, we also bring in other experts from the DZ BANK Group. We provide you with comprehensive and client-focused support, in collaboration with the Regional Director for Cooperative Financial Network business and experts from the business division. In the case of intermediated business, we handle the entire contractual process and transfer our loan terms directly to the local authorities on your behalf.

We work jointly to ensure that our clients are satisfied

  • Personal service provided by dedicated experts
  • Customised financial products
  • Favourable loan terms
  • Regional market expertise

Our range of products and services

  • Short-term public-sector loans
  • Public-sector loans (fixed interest rates up to 30 years)
  • Municipal bonds/promissory note loans
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Asset management
  • Land development


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