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Together with the local cooperative banks, DZ HYP offers private developers rapid, secure initial and follow-up financing for the construction, purchase and/or modernisation of homes. Both classical and customised loans, long fixed interest rates and a variety of special options add to the appeal of this service.

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Stefan Hokamp

Stefan Hokamp

Head of Portfolio Servicing South-West Germany
Thorsten Oeing

Thorsten Oeing

Head of Portfolio Servicing North-East Germany

My contract

If your personal data change or you wish to change details of your contract, please let us know by filling in the forms on the left. Please send these fully completed and signed by e-mail to or by post.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

Change of address / relocation notification

Please inform us of your new address in writing as soon as possible. If it is only effective from a certain date, please state this on the form.


Change in bank details

Please inform us of your new bank details using the form for issuing a SEPA basic direct debit mandate. For each loan we require a  separate authorisation (mandate). Please note that at least one account holder must also be a borrower.

Change of name

Please inform us of your change of name on the adjacent form and provide us with a copy of an official document (e.g. identity card, marriage certificate).



If you would like to adjust your repayment rates, please inform us of your change request using the adjacent form.