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Retail customers

As part of the cooperative financial network, we work closely with cooperative banks in its business with retail customers. Our joint customers are private developers who acquire properties for their own use. New retail business is exclusively originated through intermediation by cooperative banks.

Efficient processes for the retail business

Our offering includes initial as well as follow-up financings for new construction, purchase and modernisation/refurbishment. Thanks to our broad product range of home loans – with fixed-interest terms of up to 30 years – you can offer your customers solutions which fit their needs exactly. Business with retail customers is based on standardised credit processes, and is characterised by swift and reliable lending decisions. The full distribution potential of the Cooperative Financial Network is made available to retail customers through technological integration of the products into your distribution systems, and through using largely automated processes.

Deeply integrated for optimised construction financing

Our front end is deeply integrated in cooperative banks' core banking systems, and therefore compatible with their data processing. This enables us to achieve a highly efficient joint construction financing process without unnecessary duplication or system breaks. For our joint customers, this means fast and reliable loan decisions using the full range of our financing products.

Short decision paths and lean structures are the hallmarks of our Bank. Our sales support for the cooperative banks includes both marketing instruments and campaign management.

Markus Krampe, Head of Retail Customers & Relationsship Manager Cooperative Banks, Public Sector