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The internet presence of DZ HYP is not addressed to any person who is subject to any jurisdiction in which access to DZ HYP's website is prohibited, whether by virtue of such person's nationality, residence, or for other reasons. Such persons are prohibited from accessing DZ HYP's website. Users are responsible for obtaining information on, and complying with, any restrictions they are subject to prior to accessing this website.


Right of use to the contents of this site

The pages of this website, including their programming, content, design and structure, are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and industrial property rights under competition law. It is prohibited to change or remove any copyright notices or trademarks. Any copying, dissemination, making available for download of, or granting online access (by way of incorporation into other websites) to, the pages of our website, their layout or content (text, images, programmes) – whether in whole or in part, amended or not amended – is only permitted with prior written approval. Only non-commercial, private use – as defined by the restrictions of the German Copyright Act ("Urheberrechtsgesetz") – is permitted.



DZ HYP accepts no liability (including for negligence) for any damages or consequential damages incurred as a consequence of accessing or using site elements, or of being unable to access or use them. DZ HYP has compiled the contents of this website. Although due care has been exercised in selecting and compiling factual information and the figures contained in the site, DZ HYP does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or correctness of any information provided. DZ HYP does not undertake to notify users of changes to, or full or partial removal of information contained on this website; in addition, corrections, supplements, updates, or other changes may be made without prior announcement. Information in this website does not constitute an offer to purchase or sell, nor a recommendation to hold securities. This website does not constitute investment advice. Documents and information are provided exclusively for information purposes, and do not replace individual advice. Investors should seek appropriate professional advice, in line with their individual requirements and financial situation. DZ HYP accepts no liability for any losses incurred in connection with, or as a result of using any information contained herein.

This website contains links to other websites. DZ HYP has not verified any such 'linked' websites, and accepts no responsibility for the contents of such external sites or of other sites linked to DZ HYP's website. Users activating any links to external or other sites do so entirely at their own risk.


Communication by electronic mail

E-mail communication involves certain intrinsic technical disadvantages, including the fact that unencrypted e-mail messages sent via the open, publicly-accessible internet, may be accessed (lack of confidentiality) or manipulated (lack of integrity) by unauthorised persons. Also, the sender information of e-mail messages may have been manipulated (lack of authentication). When communicating with DZ HYP by e-mail, you should bear in mind that this communication channel is not as confidential or secure as sending a letter. Therefore, you should critically assess which information you wish to transmit to us by e-mail. Please refrain from sending us unsolicited advertising, and from submitting instructions.


Data protection

You will find additional information on data protection here. To the extent that you disclose personal data to us, we will treat this data with due care in line with normal banking practice and in accordance with the data protection laws. Any data which you submit as part of a message submitted via online contact forms will be forwarded via our data centre, in a protected environment. Such data will be deleted immediately after responding to your message, unless DZ HYP is under a legal obligation to store it. The data will not be used for any other purposes, nor will it be disclosed to third parties.

Please note that, for technical reasons, we are not yet able to provide you with secure (encrypted) transmissions of your messages. Therefore, please send confidential information by post.


Copyright and other property rights

The entire contents of DZ HYP's internet site are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. The DZ HYP logo is a registered trademark. Access to DZ HYP's website, downloading or copying of files stored on the website (or parts thereof) does not grant users any rights to contents, software, registered trademarks, or to any other element of the website. Any modification, reproduction or usage of DZ HYP's website or logo for public or commercial purposes is prohibited, unless authorised by DZ HYP in advance, in writing.


Applicable law, and legal venue

Usage of DZ HYP's internet pages shall be subject to German law. Legal venue shall be Hamburg.