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Nicole John

Nicole John

Head of Strategic Funding & Investor Relations


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Investor Relations

DZ HYP is a major issuer of Pfandbriefe (German covered bonds) in Germany. To fund its lending business, DZ HYP issues mainly Mortgage Pfandbriefe and Public Pfandbriefe on the capital markets, in line with its strategic focus. These Pfandbrief issues are defined by the very high quality of their cover assets. To date, they have been awarded top ratings by rating agency S&P. We launch our issues either as private placements, where we can take investors’ wishes with regard to the structure of the issue into account, or as liquid bonds in benchmark or sub-benchmark format. This gives us access to a broad investor base, both in Germany and abroad.

We keep you informed about DZ HYP's ratings, issues and financial data, with the most important financial indicators and financial reports providing you with an overview of the current state of the Company.

Key financial indicators

You will find DZ HYP’s key financial indicators here.

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Financial reports

You can download our Interim and Annual Reports using the links provided below. Alternatively, you can also order all printed versions here.

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Top ratings for the DZ HYP Mortgage Pfandbriefe and Public Pfandbriefe.

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Investor Presentation

As a debt investor, you will find all the important information at a glance in our investor presentation.

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Information on issues and the debt issuance programme.

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Current DZ HYP publications on the capital and Pfandbrief markets can be found here.

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