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DZ HYP. Because we can.

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Coporate customers

DZ HYP is a leading provider of real estate finance in Germany as well as a centre of competence for public-sector clients within the Cooperative Financial Network. As your partner, we are committed to working closely with you to offer our many years of real estate financing expertise –  specifically aimed at medium-sized commercial real estate clients. As a leading real estate bank in Germany and a trusted partner of the cooperative banks, it is our mission to work with you to develop and expand your business.

For us, thinking in a spirit of partnership is important

Combining regional market knowledge and customer contacts from the cooperative banks with DZ HYP's sector and financing expertise provides a  strong platform for joint market development in commercial real estate finance. With DZ HYP as a partner, the cooperative banks are in a position to realise larger financial solutions for their medium-sized real estate clients, as well as diversifying their own risk. We can provide you with a broad range of cooperation options – from  syndicated financing of a property in your region to investing in tranches of a financing arranged by DZ HYP. Our products are specially developed for the Cooperative Financial Network and therefore designed to be arranged in partnership. In addition, DZ HYP has been providing the application "agree21VR Rating IMMO", jointly with Atruvia AG and parcIT – a uniform, web-based, user-friendly rating system which allows you to determine the customer-specific default risk associated with your real estate customers.

In addition, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of DZ HYP, VR WERT GmbH  complements our range of services by providing and reviewing lending and market value assessments.

To ensure you can reach us quickly, we have experts both centrally at the Münster location and in the six real estate centres in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich as well as our other regional offices.

Axel Jordan, Head of Commercial Real Estate Investors Corporates & Cooperative Banks

Major financing partner for the German housing sector

Our clients are companies that provide affordable housing for a broad section of the population. These include cooperative, regional, church and other housing companies throughout Germany. Thanks to many years of successful cooperation with the real estate industry, we are your competent and reliable partner for new builds, modernisations and renovation projects. Our focus: customised financing solutions for residential or mixed-use properties, with fixed interest rates for up to 30 years. In addition to annuities, instalment and fixed-rate loans, we can offer these in combination with KfW subsidised loans. For joint or intermediated business, we provide you with specialist contacts from the respective business area, in conjunction with your designated regional director.

Our focus: customised financing solutions for residential or mixed-use properties, with fixed interest rates for up to 30 years.

Jürg Schönherr, Head of Housing Sector

Corporate customers

Demand-driven product range

  • Our real estate centres and regional offices are geared towards cooperating closely with you as a local partner within the cooperative financial network.
  • Short lines of communication and a decentralised distribution of lending authority
  • For financing your commercial customers' existing properties, new builds and refurbishments, a team of experts from the front and back office is available to you centrally in Münster.
  • For all other financings with commercial customers, including project and residential real estate developments, please approach your contacts in the DZ HYP real estate centres as usual. 
  • IMMO META: We act as a consortium partner, participating equally in commercial real estate financings with medium-sized customers in your region. This partnership solution is attractive if you are looking to provide extensive commercial real estate financing facilities that you prefer not to retain on your books in full. In doing so, you will retain the partnership share within the syndicate.
  • IMMO META REVERSE: Offers you the opportunity to engage in property financing for DZ HYP's real estate clients from as early as the origination phase. Cooperative banks themselves decide on the level of their involvement, which is always on a pari passu basis.
  • IMMO META REVERSE+: An undisclosed syndicate comprising several banks can acquire individual tranches of a financing arranged by DZ HYP, in a standardised process. Cooperative banks can access an online platform, to simplify the process and ensure efficient distribution.


Housing sector

Our range of services for joint market coverage

  • Annuities, instalment, or fixed-rate loans
  • Solutions with fixed or flexible repayment, and repayment deferral option
  • Long-term and short-term solutions
  • Fixed interest rates of up to 30 years for comprehensive security and sustainable portfolio management
  • Forward-starting loans
  • Forward-starting loan terms for up to 60 months, providing long-term interest rate security
  • KfW loans
  • Assuming the principal bank function for loans from KfW subsidised housing programmes
  • Fixed-interest loans with terms of two years or more
  • Flexible, Euribor-linked money market interest rates, with terms of up to five years