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DZ HYP released Green Bond Report 2023


Two years after the issuance of DZ HYP´s first Green Mortgage Pfandbrief, the Bank is once again reporting comprehensively on the allocation of the proceeds and the expected climate impact of its Green Pfandbriefe as part of its annual Green Bond Report 2023. The proceeds that DZ HYP generates through the #issuance of Green Pfandbriefe are used exclusively to finance and refinance properties that have a clear environmental benefit.

As at 31 December 2023, DZ HYP financed 15.502 properties classified as green with a volume of €12.682 million. Of this amount, €9.079 million is part of the mortgage cover pool and can be refinanced via Green Pfandbriefe.

The climate impact was assessed in collaboration with Drees&Sommer, a renowned real estate consultancy firm. As part of the assessment, the energy efficiency of the green properties is first reviewed on the basis of sustainability certificates and then compared with the average energy efficiency of comparable properties. Compared to national reference buildings, the Green Properties financed by DZ HYP save for the Bank´s financing share an estimated 100.870 tonnes of CO2 per year.

The detailed Green Bond Report and further information on DZ HYP's Green Pfandbriefe can be found in the Investor Relations section.