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First DZ HYP Mortgage Pfandbrief of 2024 sucessfully issued


  • Pfandbrief of EUR 750 million
  • Term of 7.1 years
  • Coupon is 2.75 per cent

DZ HYP issued on Wednesday, 3 January 2024 its first Mortgage Pfandbrief of the year with a term of seven years and a coupon of 2.75 per cent. The issue was accompanied by a banking consortium consisting of Danske Bank, DZ BANK, Helaba, ING, Natixis and UBS.

Following the announcement of the transaction on Tuesday afternoon, the order book opened the next morning with a spread of Midswap plus 37 basis points (vs. 6-month Euribor). Investor interest in this DZ HYP bond added up to a volume of EUR 1.1 billion, so that the final spread for a volume of EUR 750 million could be set at Midswap plus 33 basis points (vs. 6-month Euribor).

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