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Changes to DZ HYP’s Management Board

Dr Carsten Düerkop will retire from the Management Board of DZ HYP at the end of 31 March 2020. He will take up an appointment as Chairman of the Management Board of VR-Bank Westmünsterland, effective 1 April 2020, succeeding Dr Wolfgang Baecker. Dr Düerkop will be succeeded by Jörg Hermes, currently Senior General Manager of DZ HYP.
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The German Real Estate Market 2019/2020: Top locations remain attractive

The twelfth edition of the present study focuses on real estate market developments concerning retail, office and housing properties in Germany’s top locations – namely, Hamburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. The study includes an excursus examining the niche segment of data centres. Whilst these special properties play an important role in the context of progressing digitalisation, they represent a challenge for the markets, due to their complex technical infrastructure.
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DZ HYP posts stable half-year results for 2019

DZ HYP looks back on a successful first half-year 2019. In an environment characterised by low interest rates, tightened regulatory requirements and intense competition, the Bank originated new business of €5.1 billion, which was in line with the favourable levels of the previous year. DZ HYP's financial performance reflects the successful operating performance in the Real Estate Finance business, but is affected as expected by the costs of ongoing merger work.
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DZ HYP publishes German Pfandbrief Market Report 2019/2020

The history of the German Pfandbrief system stretches right back to 29 August 1769. Germany’s longest-serving financial product is thus celebrating its 250th anniversary. Pfandbriefe issued today differ profoundly from those placed back in 1769. What unites them is their security. This is because the legal basis for the security of Pfandbriefe has been continually adapted and developed. As we approach the end of the current decade, harmonisation of the European covered bond legislation is moving into focus. The bill submitted in 2018 will bring about new amendments to the German Pfandbrief Act, even though these will be limited in a European comparison.
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DZ HYP publishes 2018 Annual Report

DZ HYP looks back on a successful financial year 2018 – the year of its merger. In an environment characterised by low interest rates, high demand for real estate, and intense competition, the Bank succeeded in expanding its cooperation with clients and partners. The volume of new business in DZ HYP’s Commercial Real Estate Investors, Housing Sector, and Retail Customers/Private Investors divisions totalled €11.0 billion (2017: €10.1 billion). Including public-sector lending, the Bank originated new business of €11.9 billion (2017: €10.9 billion) in 2018.
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