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DZ HYP is a major issuer of Pfandbriefe (German covered bonds) in Germany. Its Mortgage Pfandbriefe and Public Pfandbriefe provide investors with products offering a high degree of security and transparency. Well-diversified cover pools, top ratings and extensive market support underscore DZ HYP's special quality standards.

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Nicole John

Nicole John

Head of Strategic Funding & Investor Relations
Robert Holl

Robert Holl

Manager, Investor Relations

Public Pfandbriefe

DZ HYP's Public Pfandbriefe are assigned the top AAA rating by S&P. These issues are collateralised by public-sector loans, or loans and advances accorded a similar status in accordance with section 20 of the PfandBG. Accordingly, claims against the following types of institutions are eligible for inclusion in cover:

  • Public-sector authorities (such as the Federal Government, the German Federal states, cities or municipalities);
  • Public-sector administrative unions
  • Social insurance agencies
  • Public-sector banks or insurance companies
  • Public-sector institutions having the legal right to levy fees, charges, or other dues.

In addition to transparency disclosures under section 28 of the PfandBG, you will receive further details concerning the public-sector cover pool.

Your call will be recorded, or your e-mail stored, in accordance with regulatory requirements. A copy of the recording (or of the stored e-mail) will be available to you, upon request, over a five-year period. If you do not agree with the recording or storage, please submit your objection by post.


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