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Annuity loans

An annuity loan is the standard solution among real estate financing products.

How does an annuity loan work?

You pay back monthly or quarterly instalments of the same size (the annuity), consisting of a loan repayment portion and an interest portion. For annuity loans, the interest rate charged is agreed for a certain fixed-interest period. Terms of 5 to 15 years are common, but shorter or longer loan periods are also possible.

As repayments are made, the interest portion of the annuity decreases, while the repayment portion increases accordingly. This means that the interest saved can be used for additional debt repayment.

Repayment can be deferred for a maximum of 15 years. Only then do you start repaying your loan. If you have not repaid it in full by the end of the agreed loan period, you will need to take out additional financing for the remainder of the loan.

Annuity loan with fixed interest rate

Just relax: When financing your real estate, secure yourself fixed interest rates, while repaying your loan payments over a regular period. This gives you all-important assurance when planning ahead.

Long-term interest rate security and reliable financing planning

  • Interest rates remain low
  • No interest rate risk with follow-up financing
  • Repayment of the loan in full by the end of the fixed-interest period

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