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Our financing solutions

Efficient processes for the retail business

As part of the Cooperative Financial Network, DZ HYP works closely with cooperative banks in its business with retail customers. Joint customers are private developers who acquire properties for their own use. New retail business is exclusively originated through intermediation by cooperative banks.

DZ HYP’s offering includes initial as well as follow-up financings for new construction, purchase and modernisation/refurbishment. Thanks to DZ HYP’s broad product range of home loans – with fixed-interest terms of up to 30 years – cooperative banks can offer to  you flexible and attractive solutions.

Annuity loans

Look to the future with peace of mind: with fixed interest rates of up to 30 years, our annuity loan provides you with valuable assurance when planning your future.


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Repayment deferral loans

Pay off your loan in a lump sum Find out more about the options available to you here.

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Loans with special repayment terms

If you would like to benefit from the attractive interest rates for your mortgage, but keeping the option of special repayments open, then we have the right product for you.

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Forward-starting loans

You already know that you want to take up initial or follow-up financing within the next 6 to 60 months. Take advantage of the current attractive interest rates on our forward-starting loans.

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Regional interest rate benefit

Ace up your sleeve – use our RegioFlex to secure your loan financing with a regional interest rate benefit for fixed interest rates of up to 30 years.

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Find out about the promotional funding opportunities available to you, and apply for a subsidy towards your real estate financing.

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