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Jürg Schönherr

Jürg Schönherr

Head of Housing Sector


As a sustainable partner for new construction or the financing of existing properties, we offer tailor-made financing solutions in the form of annuity loans, fixed-rate loans, or subsidised loans. Your dedicated contact will work with you to find the most suitable product.

Types of loan

  • Annuity loans
    with constant instalments (repayment plus saved interest)
  • Instalment loans
    with constant repayment, declining interest payment, and declining overall payment
  • Fixed-rate loans
    with repayments suspended against assignment of a redemption surrogate (such as a home loan savings agreement)
  • KfW loans

Financing solutions

Strong quality of service requires the provision of customised financing solutions. Your requirements are our standard.

Benefit from:

  • fixed-interest options for up to 30 years;
  • money-market-related rates, based on Euribor;
  • forward-starting loans, to lock in interest rates for loans and refinancings for up to 60 months in advance;
  • flexible structuring of provision fee dates or construction phase loans;
  • repayment terms depending on your property's age and type of use.

Excluding KfW loans.

Our service offer

We value exceptional service with personal service coverage during the entire financing process.

  • individual support from dedicated contact persons;
  • timely and flexible execution of the agreed financing;
  • non-binding or binding terms;
  • correspondence with other banks to be repaid – assumption (including assignment in the land registry) of land charges already registered;
  • valuation of your property by by certified appraisers of our subsidiary VR WERT GmbH.