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An optimum work-life balance not only plays an important role for our health. We do not see achieving harmony between one's professional and personal life as a balancing act, but rather a matter of course. What does this mean in practice? See for yourself...

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Arne Schneider

Arne Schneider

Head of Human Ressources
Katharina Lindenbaum

Katharina Lindenbaum

Head of HR department Münster

Professional and personal life

In order to ensure our performance for the long term, we are committed to the well-being of our employees through every stage of life. We create a work environment that enables you to balance your personal life and career plans. This is not limited to family planning, but also includes issues like caring for dependants. It is important for us that you are in the right place at the right time. You perform at work, take responsibility at home and are passionate about how you occupy your free time. In order to identify potential areas of improvement in balancing personal and professional commitments, we take part in regular certification by the Germanberufundfamilie Service GmbH.

Furthermore, we value women in the workforce. To us, retaining our female employees means that we support them – through every stage of life. Women make up roughly half of our employees.

We offer:

  • Various flexitime models
  • Flexible working hours, without a set schedule
  • Mobile working
  • Support in organising child care and in caring for dependants
  • Parent-child office if you need to cover a brief gap in care
  • Family-friendly provisions for parental and care leave
  • Holiday care for children
  • Day-care centre for children younger than three years of age
  • Childrens’ Christmas party
  • Maintaining contact and work opportunities during parental leave