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Our particular strength lies in how close we are to our clients, not only in terms of expertise, but also geographically and personally. It is our close personal relationships that set DZ HYP apart as an employer. Flat hierarchies, open doors and attractive benefits for our employees are fundamental to us.

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Arne Schneider

Arne Schneider

Head of Human Ressources
Katharina Lindenbaum

Katharina Lindenbaum

Head of HR management

What we offer

DZ HYP as an employer

As a leading real estate bank in Germany, DZ HYP offers comprehensive financing solutions for corporate, retail and public-sector customers. Real estate is a key component of urban development and economic growth. Our lives and work revolve around real estate. Hardly any other sector of the economy offers so much relevance and continuity, whilst posing such great potential and challenges. We encounter these challenges not just in traditional banking contexts; we are also expanding our capacity in the interconnected fields of information risk and security management, as well as central data management. Join us to shape your – and our – future.

    Stronger together

    DZ HYP is a multiple-award-winning employer, with more than 800 people at our head offices in Hamburg and Münster, as well as six real estate centres in major cities and further regional offices throughout Germany. As a subsidiary of DZ BANK, we are deeply rooted historically and culturally in the German Cooperative Financial Services Network. Under the motto 'stronger together', our Group represents a central pillar of the German financial system. The multifaceted nature of these companies across every area of financial services and the high degree of competence of their partners make us strong.

    This cooperative spirit has taught us that: "What cannot be accomplished alone can be accomplished together". We live by this conviction. We are a bank with a personal touch. We know one another and work together in a partnership structure with flat hierarchies. Whoever experiences us recognises that we carry out our work with great enthusiasm, team spirit and conviction. Flexibility and innovative capacity, a high degree of dedication and personal commitment are the secrets to our success.

    Those who choose DZ HYP are consciously deciding in favour of a working environment where they are visible. We trust our employees, and encourage them to act and work autonomously.

      Short communication channels, open doors

      Our most important communication instruments are short channels and open doors. DZ HYP has a corporate culture of flat hierarchies and direct conversations. Rather than paying lip service to this, it is reflected in daily life. New colleagues are often amazed by the personal atmosphere we foster with one another. We value each person's opinions highly. Regardless of how long you have been working at DZ HYP, and whatever your decision-making level, you are important to us. We give all of our employees the opportunity to engage, in their own personal way.

      We bcreate freedom

      In addition to a comfortable working atmosphere, opportunities for personal development and a good work-life balance are key factors for satisfied and dedicated employees. In line with our corporate culture, we offer our staff a work environment that provides a holistic approach to health management and empowers them to find a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives.

      • We offer flexitime working as part of a 39-hour week.
      • We provide a company pension.
      • You will benefit from capital-building payments (vermögenswirksame Leistungen).
      • We subsidise your public transport season ticket.
      • You can enjoy healthy, delicious and affordable meals available at our in-house dining facilities.

        And this is what many of our employees have to say:

        "We operate in a challenging environment. Our tasks are therefore challenging and varied."

        "A key factor is appreciation for your individual contribution. That fosters job satisfaction and makes you feel a bit proud too."

        "A lot is done for employees. That makes working at DZ HYP really attractive."

        "Our business offers very bright prospects. Because people will continue to live, work, and spend their free time in real estate."

        “Our stable business model offers a high degree of security."

        "Apart from the social benefits, working here is fun because I have interesting work to do. I can work really autonomously and take responsibility for high-level tasks."

        "Each individual employee can make a difference and contribute to the success of the company."

        "We are characterised by a cooperative mentality. We work together in a partnership structure with flat hierarchies, and always keep our feet firmly on the ground. That is a tremendous advantage."

          Free of Prejudice and Exclusion

          We value the diversity of our employees and therefore decided to sign the German Charter of Diversity (Charta der Vielfalt) in 2012. By doing so, we committed to creating a work environment free from prejudice and exclusion. More than 3,400 companies and public institutions now support this initiative for a corporate culture of tolerance and fairness. The German Charter of Diversity was established as an initiative from a variety of different companies and serves as a fundamental recognition of fairness and respect for people within the companies.