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A traditional apprenticeship after finishing school, or a degree programme instead? With us, the choice is yours. You can opt for vocational training to become a bank officer, or you can pursue a dual-study programme.

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Sandra Jahnke

Sandra Jahnke

Human Resources Officer
Simone Kloppenborg

Simone Kloppenborg

Human Resources Officer

Dual-Study Programme

Bachelor of Arts, Banking & Finance

Are you about to receive your higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) and would like to combine a degree with valuable practical experience? Then join us for a dual-study programme:

Bachelor of Arts in Banking & Finance (with an integrated German Chamber of Industry and Commerce bank officer degree)

The major advantage that a dual-study programme offers is how practice-oriented it is. All of the theory that you learn in the programme can be put into practice in your work. And that is not all. You earn two qualifications at once: bank officer and Bachelor's degree. Another important factor is regular income. You earn your own money.

Requirements for entering the dual-study programme:

  • Good academic performance with a higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) for either universities or universities of applied science
  • Above-average enthusiasm and a high degree of motivation
  • Distinctive client and service orientation
  • Strong team spirit

What awaits you:

You will study at the ADG Business School in Montabaur (in cooperation with Berlin’s Steinbeis University). The core of the studies lies in a specialist qualification in the field of economics, with a focus on banking & finance. Attendance at the lectures is mandatory: they take place at the weekends and on approximately six workdays per semester.

What makes this course special is the integrated vocational bank officer training. The content will be conveyed through intensive courses, in accordance with the training regulations, as well as through books, scripts and e-learning offers. Classes at the vocational school are not required. After two years a Chamber of Industry and Commerce exam takes place.

As part of this dual-study programme, which is held at the Munster (Westphalia) office, participants complete every station in the trainee rotation at DZ HYP in Munster and Hamburg, DZ BANK, a regional cooperative bank, and DKM Darlehenskasse Münster eG. By doing so, you get to know each division and can choose a department after successfully completing the programme.

If you successfully finish the bank training and the course, DZ HYP will pay for the qualification's costs. The dual-study programme concludes after four years with the award of a Bachelor's degree. This can be followed with a Master's programme. For more information on the curriculum go to www.adg-business-school.de.

Apply now to start your vocational training on 01 August 2020. You can find the online application here.