Sustainability at DZ HYP.

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Stefan Heckerodt

Stefan Heckerodt

Sustainability Officer
Katja Röder

Katja Röder

Sustainability Manager

Sustainability Management

At DZ HYP, sustainability is addressed across all management levels and divisions. This is exemplified by the Sustainability Committee, which was established in 2019. The Committee is comprised of all Division Heads and serves to discuss and develop sustainability projects and measures within DZ HYP, as well as evaluating current sustainability requirements and their impact on the Bank.

Reflecting the significance we place on sustainability, responsibility lies with the Management Board of DZ HYP, whilst IT and, Organisation & Operations is in charge of coordinating all activities related to sustainability. The Division Head regularly reports to the Management Board. The division is the first point of contact for internal and external stakeholders for all questions concerning sustainability. The Sustainability Officer and the Sustainability Manager closely cooperate with Communications, Marketing and Events which is responsible for external reporting.

At DZ BANK Group level, the Corporate Responsibility Committee (“CRC”) addresses sustainability. Representatives of all Group companies engage in a lively exchange of experience and information in order to pool sustainability activities, to take advantage of market opportunities, and to avoid risks. One of the many results of this cooperation is the Group-wide climate strategy.

To successfully develop sustainability, it is important to know the social, economic and ecological expectations of our stakeholders. So, we maintain a regular exchange in different formats and incorporate the wishes and ideas of our stakeholders in our sustainability strategy.