Sustainability at DZ HYP.

Cooperative. Social. Ecological.

Stefan Heckerodt

Stefan Heckerodt

Sustainability Officer
Katja Röder

Katja Röder

Sustainability Manager

DZ HYP publishes sustainability report 2020


DZ HYP's latest sustainability report documents the breadth of the bank's economic, social and environmental progress in 2020.

As in the previous year, the ISS ESG rating agency awarded DZ HYP Prime Status. This is a clear sign that DZ HYP continues to be successful with its activities in the areas of operational ecology and social issues. As a leading real estate financier, DZ HYP also sees itself being called upon more strongly as a financial intermediary in the area of sustainability in the future. In this context, the bank launched a bank-wide project in autumn 2020 to sharpen its sustainability activities, with the aim of creating the prerequisites for issuing a "Green Pfandbrief", as well as revising its sustainability strategy.

An important topic in the year under review was the further development of employer branding. In order to counteract demographic change, the younger generation in particular is to be recruited as valuable staff. In addition to increasing the proportion of women and strengthening staff loyalty, it is also highly important to increase DZ HYP's attractiveness beyond the traditional fields of employment, for example in the IT sector.

In addition, the progress of the refurbishment programmes at the main locations in Hamburg and Münster, which include energy modernisation of the buildings, is reported. Construction work has now been completed in Hamburg, and the first construction phase was also successfully completed in Münster during the year under review, with the completion of the DZ HYP Tower. As part of the DZ BANK Group, DZ HYP continues to participate in group-wide strategies and action plans, such as the climate strategy.

The report is published based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and is available for download in German and English.