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The UN Sustainable Development Goals


What are the SDGs and what can DZ HYP do to help them be met?

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) stand for the ambition to end poverty and hunger, ensure good health and well-being, enable gender equality, and protect the planet, amongst others. They are a call to action for governments around the world, the private sector, civil society and each and every one of us.

The SDGs are centred around five key themes, known as the “5 Ps”: people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.

What can DZ HYP do to help meet the SDGs?

As a real estate finance provider, DZ HYP can help meet these goals through its business model. Following the example set by the World Green Building Council, we focus on these SDGs.

Goal 11 - Sustainable cities and communities

Let’s take goal 11 as an example: sustainable cities and communities. For us to live and dwell well, we need affordable housing, mobility in both urban and rural areas, stable infrastructure and basic services, digital connectivity and a reduction in the adverse environmental impact of cities. DZ HYP finances energy-efficient commercial real estate, and it enables cooperative, church and governmental bodies to build housing. As such, the Bank helps create affordable housing. It also helps smaller municipalities invest in public infrastructure.

These sustainable investments in existing property should be made in pursuit of the largest possible increase in energy efficiency, accessibility, safety and security, as well as family friendliness for the building involved. Through the cooperative banks, DZ HYP hands out low-interest KfW loans and subsidies to clients and customers in the Housing Sector and Retail business.

Many of the real estate projects that we co-finance involve raising sustainability standards, often the reduction of energy consumption, and improving the environmental performance. However, our understanding of sustainability also includes modern, flexible working environments that may result from a successful refurbishment or construction. The German Sustainable Building Council (“DGNB”) regularly certifies buildings financed by DZ HYP.

"Silver” and “Gold” for our modernisation measures

Another example of how we contribute to the SDGs are the refurbishment works at our head offices in Hamburg and Münster. We have taken various measures to markedly reduce our electricity and water consumption at both locations, increasing the energy efficiency of these buildings. At the same time, the floorspace will become as accessible as possible.

The modernisation measures at both locations will also be certified by the DGNB: In Hamburg, we aim for “Silver”, in Münster for “Gold”.

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