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Stefan Heckerodt

Stefan Heckerodt

Sustainability Officer
Katja Röder

Katja Röder

Sustainability Manager

Ecological responsibility

Protection of the environment and climate should be a fundamental component of business activities. Our operational environmental management focuses on those areas that can be directly influenced: optimising the use of energy and resources at the Bank, and using renewable energy sources to consistently reduce the Bank’s operational carbon footprint. Convincing examples for this are the refurbishment measures that are currently being conducted on our office buildings in Hamburg and Münster. At the same time we are working on reducing mobility-related emissions such as those resulting from business travel. Considering aspects of environmental protection in the delivery chain is also part of our sustainable corporate policy.

In the context of a joint climate strategy, DZ BANK Group has committed to cutting at least 80 per cent of its aggregate carbon emissions by 2050. To date, the Group has already reduced such emissions by approximately 50 per cent (starting from the 2009 base year).

Reduction of carbon emissions of DZ HYP compared to the 2009 base year (in per cent)

Target unlevel until 20502019
80approx. 46
Since the German Federal Government has meanwhile modified its climate protection targets – it is now aiming to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050 – we will adjust our sustainability targets accordingly.