Sustainability at DZ HYP.

Cooperative. Social. Ecological.

As thinking and acting sustainably grows in importance, it will have a determining influence on DZ HYP’s future. With social and political initiatives, the focus of attention in sustainability is changing constantly. We are looking forward to actively participating and jointly working on continuing the Bank’s stable development and forward-looking approach.

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Stefan Heckerodt

Stefan Heckerodt

Sustainability Officer

Sustainability at DZ HYP

What sustainability means to us

As the commercial real estate bank in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken Cooperative Financial Network, uniting business and social responsibility has always been an integral part of our corporate culture. Being part of DZ BANK Group, we are a participant in the UN Global Compact and adhere to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. With this in mind, to us sustainability means that we must satisfy the needs of today’s generations, and offer them fair opportunities for development – without compromising the chances of future generations or threatening our natural livelihood. We thus agree with the Brundtland Commission Report, published in 1987.

In more concrete terms, to us sustainability means that we watch changes very closely in the political and social landscape, the dynamic market developments and technological innovations: we analyse them and integrate them into our business. This allows us to better tackle current and future challenges, and also to seize chances as they arise.

In the realm of sustainability, we are currently looking to:

  • establishing an independent internal Sustainability Committee,
  • adopting a demographic concept, and
  • comprehensively refurbishing our offices in Hamburg and Münster to improve our environmental performance and become more flexible in the use of workplaces.

Sustainability Management

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Employee Matters

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Social Commitment

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Ecological Responsibility

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DZ HYP publishes Sustainability Report 2019

DZ HYP’s most recent Sustainability Report documents the progress the Bank made during 2019 in the ecological, economic and social spheres. For the first time, the report was prepared using the reporting format based on the standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). As a result, the information provided by the Bank on key fields of action, measures, goals and metrics has become even more transparent.

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Sustainability across the board

Jörg Hermes has been a member of DZ HYP’s Management Board since 1 April 2020. He is responsible for Finance, Compliance, IT and Organisation & Operations, Internal Audit, and Human Resources. In addition, the topic and organisation of sustainability is another of his tasks. During this interview he shares some insights into DZ HYP’s understanding of sustainability, and explains what sustainability means to him personally.

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Demographic management at DZ HYP

A shortage of skilled workers, retirement of the baby-boomer generation, digitalisation and the younger generation’s new demands present HR with great challenges. However, we see demographic change and the race for qualified specialists and executives as opportunities. Our answer to these changes is our new demographic concept.

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Refurbishment of Hamburg and Münster offices makes progress

A comprehensive renovation and refurbishment programme is currently underway at our head offices in Hamburg and Münster. Once completed, the buildings will have been thoroughly modernised, have a better environmental performance and allow more flexibility in the use of workplaces. According to a preliminary assessment by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), both offices will be certified.

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The UN Sustainable Development Goals

At a summit in 2015, all UN Member States adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. At the heart of this Agenda are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), ambitious goals to secure a universal development that is sustainable for the economy, the environment and for society. DZ HYP is willing and able to do its part.

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DZ HYP is Germany’s strongest brand in banking

DZ HYP did it again. For the fifth time, the Bank as a brand was the most convincing to the jury of the Real Estate Brand Award, which named DZ HYP the strongest brand of 2020 in the Banking category, Trustworthiness, client service and intent to reuse were cited as the main performance criteria. Prizes were awarded on 28 May, at a high-profile event that was streamed live.

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Download more information

Our Sustainability Reports published to date are available for download here.


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