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Julia Jordan

Julia Jordan

Head of Communications and Marketing

DZ HYP publishes 2020 Annual Report


DZ HYP draws a positive conclusion from the extraordinary year under review. Whilst new business volume of €10.7 billion fell short of the previous year’s high level of €12.9 billion, it nonetheless exceeded the Bank’s expectations.

Developments within DZ HYP varied from segment to segment: growth of around 12 per cent was seen in the private home loan financing business, which is largely intermediated via cooperative banks. Demand remained high, testimony to the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic is not having any direct impact on the residential property market. DZ HYP is also satisfied with the development of its business with corporate and public-sector clients.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, DZ HYP’s economic situation is positive and has stabilised further overall, as in previous years. The Bank's robust financial performance is the result of a rigorously pursued business and risk strategy, whereby an accelerated build-up of hidden reserves and general risk provisions, combined with an absence of any obvious risks, provide the basis for a sound financial position and performance based on a viable business model.

Detailed information on DZ HYP’s development can be found in the Annual Report 2020.